Divine Eminence, a band formed and centered in Columbus, Ohio, is a whole new style of music for every generation, predominately in the fusion of rap and heavy metal. On the verge of breaking the entire music scene, Divine Eminence has already headlined several shows at a local legendary landmark, Alrosa Villa. Divine Eminence has performed with multiple National Acts such as Hed PE, Mushroomhead, Tha Hav Nots, ABK, Powerman 5000, Green Jello, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Twiztid, Trapt, AXE, Goatwhore, Soulfly, and Altitudes & Attitude. Divine Eminence has also headlined on multiple shows locally and is currently working on their first studio album in their sister recording studio, Eminence Chamber Records.

After fans voted 5 weeks in a row, Divine Eminence was voted Ripper Radio's Band of the Month in June 2019. Divine Eminence went on to win RIPPER RADIO BAND OF THE YEAR FOR 2019!!! You can find out more and cast your vote for 2020 bands at: https://www.facebook.com/RipperRadio/ 

Divine Eminence is excited to be working consistently with Ripper Radio, ZTO TV, Real FX Photography, OA Radio, and Mayhem Rockstar Magazine. We are also endorsed artists with Scorpion Percussion and Dirtbag Clothing. Please visit our "Partners" page to see more!   https://divineeminence.com/partners  

Divine Eminence and its founder, Tony Rossetti, was the flagship and organizer of the F*CK HEROIN Benefit Concert at Alrosa Villa on August 18, 2018, which donated all ticket sale and proceeds towards the fight against heroin. We  had our second benefit show on September 7, 2019, "Artists Against Addiction" at Alrosa Villa and are continuing our cause for the movement into 2020 with RipperFest 2020.

Guitar- Tony Rossetti

Lead Vocalist- Dave Pariah

Bass- Jesse Cundiff

Drums- Derrek Johnson

General Manager.- Christy Gardner